The Fun Farm
2690 Breckenridge Rd NE
Corydon, Indiana
4.93 27 reviews
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Michael G.


It is fun,and the staff is awesome ,the owner is really nice.

Christopher H.


Best rec ball in kentuckiana.

Andrew S.


I've played here many times.  I've always been treated great by the staff and other players.  Friendly atmosphere without all the pressure from the "pro-guys" wanting to gun down the new meat.  My two boys and I always have a good time and leave smiling.

Allie M.


We had so much fun!  Steve and John were super accommodating and friendly.  It was an awesome way to spend a birthday with a small group of close friends

Benzo W.


I worked at the Fun Farm back when it was Paintball Fun 19 years ago. Steve gave me my first job and now I am bringing in the second generation paintballer. My son just got all his equipment he needed and as soon as we got there his face lit up with excitement just like I did when I first set foot there. This is a perfect place for families to unite and enjoy a fun day!! I am glad you are in are community!!! Now let the paint splat!!

Jacqueline S.


When I first pulled into The Fun Farm I felt very comfortable and welcome. The employees were incredibly kind and the farm was very clean and cute. The paintball fields were perfect size and the equipment was very well taken care of. Def a great place to go and spend an afternoon.

Luke S.


Awesome ! We had an amazing time ! The staff is great , everything went well and we had fun! Prices are more than reasonable !

Ava S.


It was so fun and we are already planning to go there again and have a good time

Josia M.


We had a great day ! The staff is super nice and the fields offer a lot of adventure !

Holly A.


We had a great day playing laser tag. The ref allowed my boys to use 3 different fields. The boys had a blast and never want to go to an indoor arena for laser tag after playing at the Fun farm. We will be back for sure!!