Sea Hag Marina
322 Riverside Dr.
Steinhatchee, Florida
(352) 498-3008
4.97 79 reviews
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Vinny F.


great marina. They have a huge selection of masks and snorkel gear at really good prices. Definitely stop in here to check it out. They also have a marine engine service area with parts. Rental boats, and bait. Cool shirts too.

Denise A.


I was saddened to read Lisa G. post.  We have been coming to the Sea Hag for 15 years. I could see she was on a tirade but it appeared to be about her scallops and the waiting time. The owner has no control over the speed of the shuckers and the customers having their scallops shucked are the ones who pay them. Therefore the more they shuck the more they are paid. Last year was a busy season and almost all shuckers were backed up for hours.  On two evenings we were told they would not be ready until the following morning and we could pick them up frozen.This is a family run business by a christian family.  They treat their employees with respect and dignity. Some of the summer time workers return year after year and others stay on full time after high school. Some of their employees live as far away as Mayo.  Their daughter works in the marina store and their son is one of the top boat hands teaching new employees the ropes as well as a great fisherman as seen in many of the Chase and Fish photos. They offer bait and tackle, fishing licenses, snacks everything to enjoy a day on the Gulf.  It is nice to have staff to fuel you up.  They have more staff than all the marinas in the area combined. They offer boat storage and rental.  There is everything there to make your day. Including service with a smile.Our boat has had issues every summer and they always fix them fast. Only once at the end of the season did the boat have a long stay.  It turns out that my Yamaha engine is masquerading as a Mercury.  As it turns out that model year Mercury bought a bunch of Yamaha engines and painted them black and slapped their label on them. It took a Mercury area rep. to help solve the problem.Charlie and Danielle have worked hard to bring many upgrades to the shacks to include decks, landscape, grills, outdoor chairs and a pool. I keep telling them they are no longer shacks and need to be called shanties. They can accommodate both large and small families. There is something for everyone.Lisa I hope you will look at the reviews and see the positives and come back to Steinhatchee and give scalloping and the Sea Hag another shot. Great place! Great owners! but most of all GREAT FUN.

Tom K.


We went out fishing with capt scott peters for 3 days in mid april. Capt scott put us on fish all day. We hit are limits with redfish and trout every day. He worked very hard to make sure we were consistently catching. Other groups that came back did well but we consistently outfished the fleet day after day. Was great feeling coming back to the dock seeing peoples faces drop admiring our catch every day. Great job scott and thanks again

Michael S.


My wife and I have been going to Stienhatchie for over 20 years. We fell in love with Sea Hag back then. The owner and staff make you feel like special friends. My daughter, who is 12 years old, has grown up with the marina family, friends, staff, cats & shallow ( the big lovable dog). The memories we have made will last a lifetime. The most consistent thing is they somehow keep getting better. All this to say the fishing is one of the best I have found in Florida, both flats and off shore. But don't tell

Hallie B.


I stayed at Sea Hag during a recent Florida Professional Redfish Series Tournament and was beyond impressed. From the clean, quiet and updated rooms to the unbelievable staff it was 5 star all the way.

Clarence J.


GREAT PLACE EVERYBODY FRIENDLY would go back just to visit with people at sea hag marina

Diana M.


The cabins were bright, clean, and fun. The staff went above and beyond to help. Our cabin came complete with a wonderful cat. Our guide Bobbie, was right on target with the fish and great when we had an emergency. Their website is floridasaltwaterflats. Sea Hag also rents boats if you don't need a guide. We had a fantastic time.

Sam T.


Great place to spend time with my dog ROXSEA SUE and visit with my friends and see plenty of fish. Paradise for me and Roxsea Sue. OH the BEER is good and cold also

Keith M.


Absolutely beautiful! The service was excellent!

Bobby J.


What a great place to stay, dock, shop for gear, and just hang out! A++++ very happy helpful staff and Sea Hag is truly you one stop shop for boating, snorkeling, diving, and fishing! Thanks for making life easy in the Hatch!