Global Financial Training Program
1 State St, FL-21, suite A
New York, New York
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Ryan H.


It was a really good and thorough review with a very positive opinion

Pamela W.


Excellent info and great team of experts who educate you toward success.

Pamela S.


Phil is an outstanding trainer and really goes the extra mile for his students. The training was great but the support I received afterwards was incredible. Phil helped me size up my deals and even got on the phone with a few of my customers to show me how a call should be handled. Now I am seasoned and running my own business for 6 years now. I never thought I would own my own company. I started in my home and since brought others close to me into the business and run a nice size office. Thank you Global for the opportunity.

Jenny G.


Global's program gave me the skills and the confidence I needed to make an impact in my career. I learned the ins and out of excelling as a loan broker and I'm forever grateful to Phil and his team. I highly recommend to any money motivated, driven individual looking to make their mark as an entrepreneur. No lofty and unrealistic promises, the Global Financial Program gave me tangible, usable, training which I USE DAILY in my growing finance business. We have a focus as well, which Global helped us to hone in on.



I took the training over 2 years ago with no financial background. It was a life changing experience and one that I will never regret. I will be forever grateful to Phil Dushey, and his endless support then and now. It has given me the ability to run my own business and live the life style I have always wanted.

Wayne W.


.......a great setting for learning, for sharing and for a platform of future lending support......the format, the guest lenders and the peer participation all make the educational investment very worthy....

Victor C.


I had the pleasure of taking the class in November 2014, as a seasoned professional of more than 25 years in the lending financing industry I came away with a wealth of knowledge. Phil and his staff straight talk. I have provided an insight to loan brokering that has helped my company grow. Two years later Phil is still just a phone call away with answers and guidance. If you already in the business or just getting started, Global Financial is a great placeb to assist you reach your earning potential.

Jade S.


Phil has been great to work with. Four years ago we attended the Global training and to this day Phil still takes the time to respond to my emails and take my calls. We went into his training with no prior experience in the leasing and lending business. Phil has never let me down. If he says he will do it, count on it!

Jim R.


I attended Global's training program in June of 2015. I found the experience to be both enjoyable and educational. After training I started my business in July of 2015. At this time I am very happy that I have had the opportunity to meet Phil and work with him on several projects. If I encounter somebody who is looking for a business opportunity I would recommend Global without hesitation. My company is Safeway Business Loans, LLC and I am James E. Radcliffe. My phone is 904-525-3066..

Jim N.


The financial industry is highly competitive and success depends on one’s expertise, the quality of the funding network, and one’s drive to succeed. The training I received in January of 2014 was excellent in that it gave me the training and the network of funding sources I needed to get started. The Global Financial Training Program was first class.